Call for beta testers!


We're ready to add more beta testers for Insolation AR.

Insolation AR is an app for iPhone and iPad, and is the first in a planned suite of products for real estate professionals to understand sunlight and shade in and around homes they are buying, selling, marketing, renovating and more.

We know that availability of natural light is always high on the concerns of any potential buyer, but commonly real estate professionals do not have tools at hand to help answer clients' questions.

Insolation AR is designed to plug that gap. There are apps on the market that let you track the sun, but typically they're either targeted at photographers (e.g. The Photographer's Ephemeris), or they are generic to try to address the needs of all comers.

While photographers care about a instant in time, if you're living in a home, you want the year-round picture. And while you can find out where in the sky you can expect to find the sun, insolation also includes at-a-glance information about the intensity of the light across the hours of the day, and months of the year on your garden, driveway and any aspect of the property.

So, if you're a real estate professional or similar and would like to beta test for Insolation AR, please go ahead and sign up.

We love to hear your feedback!