Insolation Web

Custom natural light reports for real estate and venues

Just launched - Dec 2022

Buyers want to know about light conditions for their home, vacation rental, or event. Create and publish custom reports that answer all their questions about sunlight and shade.

Build your portfolio

Through the Insolation web console, you can search for properties of interest, and then add them to your listings.

Find an address

Search for your property on the map with rooftop accurate address search

High resolution satellite maps

Insolation uses Google Maps for excellent quality satellite imagery available at high zoom levels, essential for identifying specific buildings and features

Customize your report

The tone and emphasis of each listing will differ depending on the property and your audience. Insolation gives you the tools to customize your reports as best for your clients.

Custom title and subtitles

Report titles and subtitles can be customized to set exactly the right tone.

Summary comments

Enter optional comments to highlight the key points and takeaways for readers.

Draw an outline

Define 'aspects' for the property simply by drawing its outline on the map. Each aspect defines a direction of natural light that you can use in the report.

Map-based drawing tools

Draw either a closed shape (polygon) to outline the buildings walls, or an open polyline to define just those that matter.

Simple editing

Need to make a change? No problem - you can edit aspects at any time by adjusting the points on the map, or adding new corners.

Shine a light

Choose from a variety of report components to tell the story of sunlight and shade for your property.

Add report components

Insolation includes a variety of configurable report components designed to address your clients's most common questions and concerns. You can add multiple components to each report.

Sun and shade

Choose from Annual, Monthly, or Date-specific components. Each component can be configured to report on a specific aspect of the property.

Show the world

Subscribers on the Reporter plan can publish reports to make them accessible by clients via the public internet.

Preview your report

Prior to publishing, you can preview a report as it will appear publicly. You can also show or hide individual report components either before or after publication, making changes worry-free.

Publish your work

When you're happy, publish your report to make it immediately available to viewers. And, or course, you can unpublish at any time too.


Annual Insolation

A daily view of insolation for the full year, providing an at-a-glance view across the seasons. Configurable for flat ground or any defined aspect.

Monthly Insolation

A bar chart showing daily average insolation for each month of the year. Configurable for flat ground or any defined aspect.

Daily Insolation

A bar chart showing hourly insolation for a selected date. Configurable for flat ground or any defined aspect.

Day Timeline

A simple timeline showing the key sun events for a selected date.

More components coming soon…